December 27, 2018

Good afternoon all,

Sorry for the lateness with this but, I’ve been busy.

I said I would comment on the #MeToo movement and here it goes.

First of all, I would like to say that the women that stepped up are very brave and courageous to fight back against the sexual advances by men that are unwanted. I think that to put yourself out there and be willing to lose your job, livelihood and financial stability for something like that is a very good thing…a very brave thing. I, for one, wish it would have happened much sooner so others wouldn’t have had to face the same situations. Though, honestly, it shouldn’t have ever happened to begin with. I might not be able to get a girlfriend but, I sure as hell wouldn’t use my position to take advantage of women in any way, shape or form. That is WRONG and juvenile.

Secondly, the women that have gone through such ordeals, I humbly apologize. I know I didn’t do it personally (I never would) but, I think someone, especially a MAN should apologize for the inconsiderate, intolerable and just plain dumb men that used their positions to take advantage of women. It makes me understand why so many women hate men in general and, no, I’m not referring to lesbians. I know women that aren’t gay that hate men because of some of the shit that’s been pulled on them by men.

As a man, and knowing what men are capable of, it saddens me that some of us get away with doing things that are blatantly wrong and immoral and the rest of us take the heat for your being a dumbass.

I may get hated by some men out there but, hey, I know that I am right for feeling bad that women had to go through this and apologizing to them for others doing such things to them.

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