Call Me….Maybe

Hi guys,

It’s another wonderful day here in Garland, TX…oh wait, no, it’s another crappy day here. For me, anyway. I hate any form of heat in general but when it’s WINTER and only 50 degrees outside, that’s like Fall everywhere else in the US.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to figure out how to ask a woman out that I like and I am extremely chicken to do so, as you may know, I’m not a drinker so, without the liquid courage, I just can’t talk to her. If anyone knows how to help me with this situation, I would be grateful. Please don’t message me just to give me crap about being a pu__y. I don’t like that word. I just don’t know how to really talk to this woman.

Also, maybe of the geniuses reading my blogs could figure out a way to build a site for singles in Garland Texas ONLY so those of us who have no one can maybe find someone close to get together with.

I appreciate all my fans…I’ve even got a few that think they are “hidden”. You’ll have to try and write a different program to be hidden from me.


December 27, 2018

Good afternoon all,

Sorry for the lateness with this but, I’ve been busy.

I said I would comment on the #MeToo movement and here it goes.

First of all, I would like to say that the women that stepped up are very brave and courageous to fight back against the sexual advances by men that are unwanted. I think that to put yourself out there and be willing to lose your job, livelihood and financial stability for something like that is a very good thing…a very brave thing. I, for one, wish it would have happened much sooner so others wouldn’t have had to face the same situations. Though, honestly, it shouldn’t have ever happened to begin with. I might not be able to get a girlfriend but, I sure as hell wouldn’t use my position to take advantage of women in any way, shape or form. That is WRONG and juvenile.

Secondly, the women that have gone through such ordeals, I humbly apologize. I know I didn’t do it personally (I never would) but, I think someone, especially a MAN should apologize for the inconsiderate, intolerable and just plain dumb men that used their positions to take advantage of women. It makes me understand why so many women hate men in general and, no, I’m not referring to lesbians. I know women that aren’t gay that hate men because of some of the shit that’s been pulled on them by men.

As a man, and knowing what men are capable of, it saddens me that some of us get away with doing things that are blatantly wrong and immoral and the rest of us take the heat for your being a dumbass.

I may get hated by some men out there but, hey, I know that I am right for feeling bad that women had to go through this and apologizing to them for others doing such things to them.

Looking For Love?

What is the best way to look for love in the digital age?

The answer really isn’t easy with all the different websites promoting:  love, happiness, endless sex, hook-ups and everything in between.

I can tell you from personal experience that people (both men and women) are very particular when it comes to their definition of L-O-V-E. I, for example, would love to find someone to be with the rest of my life and have had no luck yet. I have tried every website (whether free or paid, been there done that and driven several hundred miles to find out that I was lied to…you have to love the utter anonymity of the internet), bar (even though I don’t drink anymore…details later), bowling alley, animal shelter, library and the list goes on and on. I am not picky when it comes to finding someone as far as looks or color but, I guess, that it’s asking too much for someone to be honest, not a cheater and disease free. I have no courage when talking to women due to my being sober for over eight (8) years. Chatting with them, sure, no problem but, asking them out puts my anxiety into over drive and I end up leaving to vomit or cry in a corner. It’s also not helpful that my past relationships have been terrible (I’ve been beaten, cheated on, belittled in public and once had a girl cut me…literally) but, even with the B. S., I tried to always make it work because I JUST. WANTED. TO. BE. IN. LOVE. Now, when I even think about women and dating, I get nauseous, anxious and just flat out terrified!

I think the #metoo movement, though needed, really makes it harder for me as I’m awkward talking to women anyway so, now, I have even less knowledge of what to say without fear of enraging some women.

I think I need to explain the sobriety thing here to give those of you an understanding of what I mean by MY sobriety. I’ve never done illegal drugs. I’ve smoked weed a couple times and got sick from it every time but, MY thing was drinking!  All the time, I was pretty much drunk 24/7 would pass out drunk and wake up to start drinking before getting out of bed. However, without anyone’s help, my last drink was gone on June 23, 2010. I know, it kind of seems like I’m bragging and I kind of am. When you’ve done what I’ve done and survived the many ups and downs that I have, you’d understand the bragging..possibly.

Now, back to the thought of being single. I was married briefly to a woman that I loved with all my heart and never really felt that love reciprocated but, I tried and tried to make it last but, it just wasn’t meant to be. It’s not that I don’t still love her, it’s just not the same as it was before. I would still do many things for her and HAVE but, I wouldn’t even think about getting back together with her. Yes, she and I have a child together but, that’s neither here nor there. I’ve never dated someone I didn’t love but, as in all my relationships, that love was never reciprocated in a way that made me feel satisfied or like I was loved in the same way. Love is a great thing that very few experience (or even try to) but everyone deserves to love and be loved. Not used, cursed at, spit on, belittled, cheated on or stabbed/shot. I can always find something about a woman that I love or notice that many others don’t or can’t.


Later, I’ll get to my feelings about the #metoo movement…..